Monkey Nut discussion guide

Monkey Nut

Author: Simon Rickerty

Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Suggested Year Group: EYFS


Is it a hat? Or a boat? Or a drum? Whatever it is, everyone wants it - and they DON'T want to share! One little monkey nut causes big trouble in this bright, funny and original book.

Rationale for Selection

This is a very funny book which encourages children to use their imagination. It is well suited to reading in a small group where children can discuss their ideas. It was the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for children aged 6 and under in 2013.

Points for Discussion:

Before reading show the children a monkey nut and ask them what it is. Does it remind them of anything else? What could you use it for?

The theme of Monkey Nut is sharing. Can the children identify this? Try asking what the message of the story is or what do the spiders learn.

Why do the spiders find it hard to share the monkey nut? Do you find it hard to share? Why is sharing a difficult thing to do? What do you think Red and Blue learn during the story?

How do you think Simon Rickerty made the illustrations for this book?

What would have happened if the big black spider hadn’t come along?

What object would you use if you were making your own story like monkey nut?


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