The Brave Beast discussion guide





Author: Chris Judge

Illustrator: Chris Judge

Publisher: Andersen Press

Suggested Year Group: One



The Beast is back and this time it's up to him to help restore peace to an island, which is being threatened by a scary monster. Determined to face his fears, the Beast sets out to find the monster. But, perhaps, the island monster isn't so scary after all...

Rationale for Selection

The Brave Beast is a simple story with a clear structure. The illustrations are very clear and will support developing readers to decode the text. Themes of bravery and loneliness are explored and can lead to fruitful discussion.

Points for Discussion:

Before reading

  • What does ‘brave’ mean?
  • Can you think of a time when you have been brave?
  • What is a beast?
  • Can you think of any other beasts?
  • Will this beast be good or bad? What makes you think that?

During Reading:

Read the first page; “The beast was resting in his garden after a long day’s work…” What kind of work do you imagine a beast would do? Why do you think that?

When the beast is asked to help he feels very scared.

  • Does that surprise you, or not?
  • What might scare a beast?

What kind of creature could be making such a loud and frightening noise?

Draw a picture of the creature that you imagine is making the noise.


After reading

Draw a map of the beast’s journey around the island. Use symbols or colours to show how his feelings change as he gets nearer to finding the bird.

What other problems do you think the beast could be asked to solve?



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