Dear Fairy Godmother discussion guide

Author: Michael Rosen


Illustrator: Nick Sharratt

Suggested Year Group: One


A sequel to Dear Mother Goose, this is a hilarious collection of fairy stories with a difference. All the best-loved fairy-tale characters are here and they all have a different problem, from the pesky girl who keeps eating little bear's porridge, to Pinocchio's mendacious habits, to the wolf who just won't leave Little Red Riding Hood alone. Along with their letters asking for advice comes the scene with the problem – then lift the flap and see Fairy Godmother's ingenious solutions to their predicaments! Wittily illustrated by Nick Sharratt, with a very funny text from Michael Rosen, this is a novelty book full of unexpected solutions – and a party at the end!

Points for Discussion:

What do you know about Fairy Godmothers?

Which traditional tales do you know with a fairy godmother? (the best known are in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty).

Who might write letters to a Fairy Godmother and what kinds of problems would they have? Use the grid below to match the character to the problem before reading. How would you solve the problem? (each child could choose a character and discuss with a partner what advice they could give).




The Gingerbread Man


I want to turn into a beautiful swan.

Three Little Pigs


I want to visit my granny but I’m scared of the wolf.



My nose grows when I tell lies.

Ugly Duckling


I want to be friends with a little boy but he keeps running away.

Little Bear


I can’t catch the billy goats.



How can I stop Goldilocks?

Little Red Riding Hood


A wolf keeps trying to blow our house down.

A Troll


Everyone keeps trying to eat me.



I’m worried that I will lose a race to the hare.


Look at the addresses on the letters. Before reading discuss who might live at the different addresses. 

  • Match characters to the different addresses.
  • Think about other characters and what their addresses could be, e.g. Jack might live at Bean Bungalow.
  • Where would the wolf, the hare, Goldilocks and the Billy Goats Gruff live?

After Reading

Can you think of any other fairy tale characters who need to write to a fairy godmother?

Write your own letters and replies.


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