Lost and Found discussion guide




Author: Oliver Jeffers


Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Publisher: HarperCollins

Suggested Year Group: One



Once there was a boy and one day a penguin arrives on his doorstep. He decides to take the penguin home himself, and they set out in his row boat on a journey to the South Pole. But when they get there, the boy discovers that maybe home wasn't what the penguin was looking for after all! This book offers a tale of friendship and loneliness.

Points for Discussion:

Have you ever lost anything? What was it and how did you find it again?

Have you ever found anything that belonged to someone else? Did you manage to get it back to the owner? How did they feel?

Do you know any other stories about things being lost (e.g. Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough, Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper or Dogger by Shirley Hughes)? Do you think Lost and Found will be like those stories?

Look at the first page when the boy finds the penguin. What might the boy be thinking? What conversation might they have? Suggestion – children could role play this in pairs.

How would you look after a penguin that turned up on your doorstep?

When the boy goes to the harbour and asks a big ship to take then to the South Pole no one can hear him. Are there times when you feel like your voice is too small?

Spend some time looking at the double page spread of the boy and penguin in the boat in the storm. What would you be able to see if the picture went on further than the edges of the page? What are the characters thinking? The penguin is looking at the wave but the boy is facing away from it and rowing. How do you feel when you are looking at this picture? What noises and smells do you imagine there are?

Look at the page where the boy has taken the penguin to the South Pole and is floating away. If the penguin could talk, what do you think he would say now? Use the following sentences as prompts, if necessary:

  • Please come back.
  • Please don’t leave me here.
  • Thank you for bringing me home.

The boy realises that the penguin is lonely. How does he know this? Look back in the book to find places where the penguin looks lonely.

Add thought bubbles to the page where the boy and penguin find each other again. How do they both feel? What are they saying to each other?

Talking Points – read the following statements and discuss whether they are true or false:

  • The penguin is lost.
  • The boy helps the penguin.
  • The boy doesn’t like the penguin.
  • The penguin wants to be friends with the boy.
  • The boy is lonely.
  • The boy is kind.

Compare the story book to the short film that has been made. Has anything been left out? What has been added? Which version do you prefer and why?


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