The Worst Princess discussion guide

Author: Anna Kemp

Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie

Publisher:Simon & Schuster

Suggested Year Group: Two


Princess Sue is lonely and longs to be rescued from boredom by a handsome prince. However, when he arrives it becomes clear that they have very different ideas of how a perfect princess should behave! Sue quickly finds an ally in a fearsome dragon with whom she gets up to all kinds of fun and even gets rid of the annoying prince.

Rationale for Selection

The Worst Princess is a funny twist on traditional princess tales. The way in which it challenges gender stereotypes will lead to interesting discussions in guided reading. The humour and rhyming text is engaging for young readers.

Points for Discussion:

Before Reading:

Look at some images of princesses and discuss their characteristics.

  • How do they behave?
  • How would you describe a good princess?
  • What will the ‘worst’ princess be like?


During Reading:

Which books has Princess Sue read?

What is the prince rescuing Princess Sue from?

How does Sue feel when she sees the castle that the prince wants her to live in?

What kinds of lessons are there at Princess School? What kind of student would Sue have been ?

Why is Sue not afraid of the fearsome dragon?


After Reading:

Discuss the following statements – do you think they are true or false?

  • Princesses always want to marry a prince.
  • Princesses wear pretty dresses and behave nicely.
  • Dragons are dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Dragon-bashing’s not for girls.
  • Sue is the worst princess.
  • Princesses can only live happily ever after with a handsome prince.


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