Christopher's Caterpillars discussion guide

Author: Charlotte Middleton

Illustrator: Charlotte Middleton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Suggested Year Group: Two

Synopsis: Christopher Nibble and his friend Posie are keeping six hairy caterpillars as pets. The look after their pets carefully but, one day, the caterpillars disappear! Christopher and Posie turn detective and, with the help of Mr Rosetti, they solve the mystery.

Rationale for Selection: Christopher’s Caterpillars is a charming story with cross curricular links to science.  Christopher and Posie are endearing characters and the story looks at change in an engaging way.

Points for Discussion:

Before Reading:

True or False?

Discuss either you think these statements are true or false. Are there any that you are unsure about?

Caterpillars drink milk and eat chocolate buttons.

Caterpillars wear woolly socks.

Caterpillars like playing football.

Caterpillars like to climb.

Caterpillars make good pets.

Caterpillars like eating dandelions.

Caterpillars need to use a hairbrush.

 During Reading

Read up to the point where the caterpillars disappear.

  • What could have happened to them?
  • Think of as many different possibilities as you can.

How do you think Christopher and Posie feel when they find out that their caterpillars have disappeared?

 After Reading

Create a poster that explains how to look after caterpillars.

Write a paragraph explaining how caterpillars change. Do you need to find any additional information?


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