Claude at the Circus discussion guide

 Author: Alex T Smith


Illustrator: Alex T Smith

Publisher: Hachette

Suggested Year Group: Two

Synopsis and reasons for selection

Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock go for a walk in the park one day. They have all kinds of adventures  before saving the day at the circus!

The Claude series is perfect for newly independent readers. Claude is an endearing hero and children are captivated by his exploits. There is plenty of humour in the text and illustrations, and plenty to discuss.

Points for Discussion:

Before Reading

Talk about whom you would expect a dog to have as a best friend.

During Reading:

P6 – how can a dog be best friends with a sock?

  • How do you think they met?
  • Are there any other socks? As you read on, gather information about the type of character Sir Bobblysock is.

P9 – what kind of adventures do you think Claude has when his owners are out at work?

  • What sorts of places do dogs like to go to?

P16 “Claude had never been to a park before”.

  • Does that surprise you?
  • Why don’t his owners take him there?  

P18-9 Spend some time looking at the map of the park.

  • What kinds of things might happen to Claude here?

P36 Why are the people unhappy about their balls being tidied away?

P40 Will people in the park be happy with Claude for throwing away the sign from the bench?

P44 Why do you think Alex T Smith put only one word on these pages?

P58-60 Has Claude been helpful when he cleans up the circus tent?

  • What might the consequences of his actions be?

What would the Amazing Alan have said to Claude if he knew that the disastrous circus performance was his fault?

After reading:

Look back at the map of the park. What else could Claude and Sir Bobblysock get up to at the park?

What would Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes say if they found out what Claude had really been up to?

Additional activities

Draw a map of a park for Claude and Sir Bobblysock to have more adventures in. Make sure you add labels for all the different places inside the park.

Write a review of the circus and Claude’s performance.

Draw Sir Bobblysock and label the drawing with all the things you have found out about him.


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