Dino Dinners discussion guide



Author/Illustrators: Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom

publisher: Frances Lincoln

Suggested Year Group: Two


It's dino-dinnertime but who eats what, and who eats who? How do we know what dinosaurs ate? Who hunted as a team? Who ate with their head in the treetops, and who ate absolutely anything they could find? Discover exactly what is on the menu, as you are invited to attend this dinner party with a difference!

Rationale for Selection

Dinosaurs are always a popular topic with children and Dino Dinners is a cut above other dino books.

The dinosaurs introduce themselves with a description of their characteristics and there are fact boxes at the sides.

Clever integration of text and pictures and different writing styles.

Points for Discussion:

Sort the dinosaurs  mentioned in this books  into this table::










List the dinosaurs in order of size. (They are measured from nose to tail)

What are your three favourite dinosaur facts? Compare your favourites with the rest of the group/class.

Why do you think Brachiosaurus has two pages?

Which of these statements are true?

  • Some dinosaurs ate members of their own families.
  • Only carnivorous dinosaurs were dangerous.
  • Coelophysis is the smallest dinosaur.
  • All dinosaurs ate plants.
  • Dinosaurs never ate fish

How do you think the illustrations in this book were made?


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