Mortimer Keene discussion guide

Author: Tim Healey

Illustrator: Chris Mould

Publisher: Hachette

Suggested Year Group: Three

Synopsis and reasons for selection

Mortimer Keene is full to bursting with madcap plans, and if it's trouble you're after, look no further!When slime upon slime attacks the school, a special task force of teachers sets out to find Mortimer Keene and his slime machine at the source of his crime.

With laugh out loud illustrations and short chapters, this rhyming text will engage and enthuse young readers.

Points for Discussion

Before reading

Look at the picture of Mortimer on the front cover.

  • What kind of boy might he be?

Begin by reading the profiles of Mortimer and the teachers. Make predictions about how each teacher will react to a slime attack.

  • Why do you think Tim Healey has chosen to use rhyme to tell the story of Mortimer?
  • Are there any other rhyming stories that you know (e.g. Julia Donaldson)

During reading

Part One

  • Does Mr Bevan seem to be worried about the slime? How can you tell?
  • Make a note of the words that are used to describe the slime. Can you add any more?
Part Three
  • Does Mortimer realise what havoc his slime is causing? Do you think he is pleased about this?

Part Four

  • P65 – What do you think will happen to Mortimer? Should he be punished?
  • What will Mortimer do while he is in bed? What other inventions might he come up with?

After Reading

  • Read the blurb again. How would it be different if the author didn’t want us to know who caused the attack of the slime? Have a go at re-writing it.
  • Read the list of Mortimer’s Secret Projects at the end of the book.  Which one would you most like to have made and why? Have a go at creating your own plan for one of these.


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