The Frog Prince Continued discussion guide


 Jon Scieszka, 




Illustrator: Steve Johnson

Publisher: Puffin

Suggested year group: year 3



After the Princess kissed the frog, he turned into a handsome Prince and they lived happily ever after… or did they? The Princess can’t stand the Prince’s froggy habits – the way he hops around on the furniture or sneaks off to the lily pond. The Prince is unhappy, too, and decides that it would be best if he were changed back to a frog. But finding a witch who will do the job is harder than he expects. They all seem to have other spells in mind…

This witty sequel to The Frog Prince will amuse children who are already familiar with classic versions of traditional tales.


Discussion Points

Before Reading

Before reading invite the children to tell you the story of the Frog Prince, if they already know it. If it is unfamiliar, read or tell the story before reading 'The Frog Prince Continued'.

During Reading

Read the title. What does the word ‘Continued’ mean? Do the children know any other books or films with ‘Continued’ in the title? Introduce the word ‘sequel’ and briefly discuss any sequels they are familiar with.

Invite the children to share ideas as to what they think will happen in  The Frog Prince Continued.

Why do you think the Princess is upset at the beginning of the story? Do you think she has a point or is she being unfair?

What evidence can you find in the pictures of the Prince’s former froggy life and habits?

All stories have characters that want something. Usually they don’t get what they want at the beginning of the story. It is this problem that makes the story worth reading. We want to know if the character will overcome their problems and get what they want in the end. What do the characters in this story want? (consider, the Princess, the Prince, each of the three witches, the fairy godmother). Do any of the characters get what they want?

When the third witch tells the Frog Prince she will see if she can ‘fit him in for lunch’ what does she mean?

What do you notice about the Prince and Princesses coat of arms? What would you put on a coat of arms for Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk)?


After reading

Do you think the Frog Prince and the Frog Princess will live happily ever after?

Did anyone learn anything in this story?

In a story circle make a sequel to The Frog Princess Continued.


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