Choosing Crumble discussion guide

Author: Michael Rosen


Illustrator: Tony Ross

Publisher: Andersen Press

Suggested Year Group: Three

Synopsis and reasons for selection

When Terri-Lee goes to the pet-shop she thinks she'll be choosing a dog - she doesn't expect the dog to be choosing her! But Crumble is no ordinary pet and he's got a few questions to ask: How many walks will you take me on? Do you like to dance? Will you tickle me? Will Terri-Lee's dance moves and answers be enough to convince Crumble that she could be his owner?

'Choosing Crumble' is a short and amusing story with illustrations to support the reader’s understanding of the story.

Points for Discussion

Before Reading

  • Have you got a pet?
  • Did you help to choose it?
  • What happens when you decide to get a pet?
  • Have you ever imagined that your pet can speak?
  • What sort of things would it say if it could?

During Reading

Page One 

  • Who do you think ‘he’ is?

Page seven 

  • Are you surprised when the dog speaks? why/why not?

Page eight

  • why does mum have a ‘worried voice’?
  • What is she worried about?

Page nine

  • what is in the dog’s folder?
  • Make a list of the questions you think the dog will ask Terri Lee.

Page twenty-one

  • How did the dog end up being called Apple Crumble?
  • Is this a name you would expect a dog to have?
  • Can you think of any other names that would suit Crumble?

After Reading

Choose from the following words that you think describe Crumble best: vain, lazy, intelligent, fun loving, obedient, loving, naughty.

  • Can you give an explain your choices?
  • Are there any other words you would use to describe him?
  • Imagine that Crumble wrote an advert for his perfect owner – what would it say?
  • Does Mum really want Terri-Lee to have a dog? Are there any particular places in the book where she shows this?
  • What do you think Terri-Lee and Crumble’s first day at home would be like? Write a diary entry for each of them showing how they get on.


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