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  • Bone Music

    Bone Music

    This wonderful tale transports the reader from the city to the forests and fells of Northern England. Under a boundless starry sky, the unforgettable Sylvia Carr reconnects with the ancient...
  • Drawn Across Borders

    Drawn Across Borders

    A collection of vivid and powerful stories drawn on the front lines of migration by award-winning artist George Butler. For thousands of years humans have moved around the world, to...
  • Not all Heroes Wear Capes

    Not all Heroes Wear Capes

    What do you think of when you hear the word 'hero'? Is it the wall-climbing, cape-wearing, villain-fighter you see in comics and films? Heroes can actually come in all forms,...
  • That Time I got Kidnapped

    That Time I got Kidnapped

    A hilarious, action-packed road-trip adventure from the author of HOW TO ROB A BANK, ideal for readers aged 10 and up. Fourteen-year-old Jacob is thrilled when he wins the chance...
  • The Supreme Lie

    The Supreme Lie

    Twice Carnegie medal winning Geraldine McCaughrean's enthralling new novel is set in a world paralysed by natural disaster and dangerous lies. Fifteen-year-old Gloria is maid to Afalia's tyrannical Head of...
  • The Swallow's Flight

    The Swallow's Flight

    Publishing 27th May. You can preorder a copy here and it will be sent to you on publication day From the Costa Award-winning author Hilary McKay comes a moving WWII...
  • Waiting for Murder

    Waiting for Murder

    The perfect thriller for the long, hot school holidays. It's a long, hot summer. As the water drains away from the reservoir, a car emerges.And there seems to be a...