Faith & Religion (KS2)

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Our topic selections cover a range of genres from picture books and fiction to non-fiction and poetry. An easy way to choose the books to support reading across the curriculum.

Indicative Selection:

Blake Philip We are Buddhists
Blake Philip We Are Jews
Blake Philip We are Hindus
Blake Philip We Are Sikhs
Blake Philip We are Christians
Blake Philip We are Muslims
Chambers Catherine Early Islamic Civilisation
Dorling Kindersley Children's Book of Philosophy
Jones Aled All About Religon
Levete Sarah Coming of Age
Meredith Susan Usborne Book of World Religions
Randall Ronne Marriage
Randall Ronne Death
Randall Ronne Birth
Reuben Susan Food and Festivals
Robert Naima B Mabrook
Senker Cath The Dalai Lama