Famous Adventures of Jack, The (group set, 7 books)

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Jill finds herself in a story-world of magicians and dragons and floating castles, apples of immortality and the most gruesome giant of all time. She meets Old Feller Storyteller, with his raggedy tangle of a beard, who sends her to find Jack. She finds brave Jacks, cowardly Jacks, daft Jacks, clever Jacks and good-for-nothing Jacks but not the one she is looking for.

Until she finds herself in a story of her own and embarks on a thrilling and magical adventure . . .

  • black and white illustrations
  • 128 pages
  • requires sustained reading between sessions

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Famous Adventures of Jack discussion guide

Synopsis and reasons for selection

‘Which Jack did you want?’
the old lady asked.
‘They’re ten a penny, Jacks are…’

Old Feller Storyteller sends Jill on a magical, thrilling adventure in search of Jack. She enters a world of magicians who can turn into horses, evil kings, dragons, floating castles, beautiful princesses and the most gruesome, fearsome giant of all time, Galligantus. On her travels, she finds brave Jacks, cowardly, spineless Jacks, foolish Jacks, clever Jacks and ‘waste-of-a-wishbone’ Jacks. Jill finds herself in a story of her own, eventually climbing into the swirling, green of a beanstalk…

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