Fly on the Wall: Viking Longship (group set, 7 books)

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Be a fly on the wall in the time of the Vikings. Watch skillful ship builders at work, charge into battle, visit a Viking farmstead, enjoy the hustle and bustle of Jorvik on market day and listen to fireside tales about the Viking gods - you can even wipe a tear from your eye at a Viking funeral! 

  • up-to-date research
  • combination of drawing and notes presented sketchbook style
  • Also available in group sets: Roman Fort, Greek Hero, Pharaoh's Egypt Please contact us to order.
  • 40 pages
  • Challenging

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Viking Longship discussion guide


The authors introduce us to a range of characters, including a warrior, pirate and priest, who sail in a beautiful longship called The Sea Dragon to Lindisfarne. From here, we are transported back to the 9th century and the land of the Vikings. After a devastating storm, Viking Longship continues the story of Grimm, a young warrior, who buys and fixes the broken ship and sets sail in search of adventure, battles and treasure. The story follows Grimm's progress as he invades England with his band of grizzly warriors and then creates a farm settlement where his family can live peacefully.

Reasons for selection:

The style of this book is informative, yet entertaining and quirky. Informal sketches, scribbly handwriting, burnt pages, axe marks and splatters of blood lend an authentic touch to the story. There’s even a recipe for Viking bread!  Each section has a clear title, a short synopsis and more detailed notes and information at the bottom of each page. The colourful illustrations are energetic, fresh and humorous and work beautifully alongside an engaging narrative and lively characters. Children will enjoy learning about skilful ship builders, battles, gods and everyday life in Jorvik. The ending of the story is particularly touching and will ensure young readers will want to continue their research into this exciting period in history.

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