Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell and Helen Oxenbury (group set, 7 books)

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The winner of the Smarties Book Prize and the Children's Illustrated Book of the Year, this story is about a duck who lived with a lazy old farmer. The duck did all the work while the farmer stayed in bed all day. Then the other animals decided to take action!

  • Free discussion notes available on this website. 
  • Work and rewards, community, helping
  • 32 pages

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Martin Waddell interviewed by Nikki Gamble

Martin Waddell is widely regarded as one of the finest contemporary writers of books for young people. Twice winner of the Smarties Book Prize - for 'Farmer Duck' and 'Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?' - he also won the Kurt Maschler Award for 'The Park in the Dark 'and the Best Books for Babies Award for Rosie's Babies. Among his many other titles are the novels 'The Haunting of Ellen'  'Tango's Baby'  and his trilogy about the troubles in Northern Ireland: 'Starry Night', 'Frankie's Story' and 'The Beat of the Drum'. He was awarded the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition for children’s literature. 

 You have just given a consummate performance reading your book to about 50 pre-school children and they were all captivated (and so were their parents). How important is it for teachers to be able to read aloud well?

When it comes to reading to young children, you have to perform. Waving the book above your head to show the picture does not work, young children really can’t see it properly, so your body and your voice have to take over from the picture. I had trouble today though, because I had a number of very wee ones right up front. I was caught between trying to entertain the adults at the back of the hall which means I have got to project my voice, and the little ones, who will be upset if I do anything too drastic. With a same age group you can gauge how much they can take with the body language

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