George's Secret Key to the Universe (class pack 30 books)

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George's Secret Key To The Universe by Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking takes you through the vastness of space and, in the midst of an exciting adventure, helps you discover the mysteries of physics, science and the universe with George, his friends next door - the scientist Eric and his daughter, Annie - and a super-intelligent computer called Cosmos, which can take them to the edge of a black hole and back again.

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Lucy Hawking interviewed by Nikki Gamble

‘But we haven’t got that much time to wait, and you need to get home for your supper,’ said Eric, going over to Cosmos and pressing a few more keys. ‘So let me speed it up a bit. Here we go!’

In the blink of an eye, the tens of millions of years Eric was talking about had passed. The gas from the explosion of dozens of stars had gathered into an immense cloud. Within this cloud, new stars were appearing everywhere, until one formed just in front of the window. That star’s brightness made all the other stars very difficult to spot. Some distance away from this new star, the gas left over from the cloud was becoming very cold and had started to gather into small icy rocks. George saw that one of these rocks was heading straight for the window. He opened his mouth to warn Eric, but the rock was travelling far too quickly. Before George could say anything, it smashed into the glass with a shattering, splintering roar, seeming to shake the whole house.’

George’s Secret Key to the Universe (2007, Doubleday, p.54)

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