Ice Bear by Nicola Davies (group set, 7 books)

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Ice Bear is an outstanding narrative non-fiction book combining Nicola Davies’ lyrical text with Christian Birmingham’s evocative, impressionistic paintings, proving that non-fiction can be written to engage the emotions. This is an ideal text for children to think about discussing what a ‘fact’ is and looking at how facts are combined with other kinds of writing to create a portrait of the magnificent polar bear.

  • Free discussion notes available on this website.
  • lyrical nonfiction
  • 32 pages

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Ice Bear discussion guide


Author: Nicola Davies

Illustrator: Gary Blythe

Publisher: Walker Books

Synopsis: This is an informative, gorgeously illustrated study of the majestic polar bear. Huge, magnificent, alone, a white bear moves through the frozen Arctic. Powerful hunter, tender mother and gentle playmate - she shares this land of ice and snow with the Inuit people, who watch and learn from her.

Reasons for selection. Nicola Davies' lyrical writing is both emotive and well-researched. Information is presented in different ways, providing an opportunity for children to consider the differences. The striking illustration will engage and provoke discussion.

Discussion points

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