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My Place

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Reading Gladiators Recommended Reads.

This book would be a great title for children who have enjoyed The House By the Lake book 1 for our Year 5 Reading Gladiators 2021.

Between 1788 and 1988, the little plot of Aboriginal land near Sydney has changed almost beyond recognition. As History shapes the new country of Australia – arrival of convict ships from England, the forging of political parties, world war, immigration, industrialization, centenary celebrations – so life on the piece of land changes from generation to generation. Families of every nationality, every walk of life, come and go, experiencing troubles and joys, births, deaths, prejudice, solidarity, wealth, poverty. But common to all is the sense of belonging to “my place”. The plot, its inhabitants, the changing technologies and fashions across the decades are captured with childlike simplicity in Donna Rawlins’ colourful illustrations, whilst Nadia Wheatley’s warm, engaging narrative evokes vividly the personality of each child.