My Place by Nadia Wheatley, Donna Rawlins (group set, 7 books)

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My Place traces the history of one small part of Australia and the people who have lived there, from the Dreaming until the present day. As time folds rhythmically backwards, children describe their homes, their families, their pets, and their special celebrations. The constant sources of renewal in the landscape are the big tree and the creek.

  • history, migrations, place and identity
  • Could initiate a local study
  • Award winning book
  • Fully illustrated in colour throughout.
  • 48 pages

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My Place discussion guide

Author : Nadia Wheatley

Illustrator: Donna Rawlins

Publisher: Walker Books

Suggested age group: Year 5/6

Synopsis and reasons for selection

Between 1788 and 1988, the little plot of Aboriginal land near Sydney has changed almost beyond recognition. History shapes the new country of Australia, from the arrival of convict ships, the forging of political parties, world war and immigration to mass industrialisation and centenary celebrations. Life on the piece of land changes from generation to generation. Families of every nationality and every walk of life come and go. They experience troubles and joys, births and deaths, prejudice and solidarity, wealth and poverty. But common to all is the sense of belonging. The land, its inhabitants and changing technologies and fashions across the decades are all captured with childlike simplicity in Donna Rawlins’ colourful, informal illustrations, whilst Nadia Wheatley’s warm, charming narrative evokes vividly the personality of each child. 

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