Just Imagine

Rocks and Fossils ( 7 - 11 years)

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Our topic selections cover a range of genres from picture books and fiction to non-fiction and poetry: an easy way to choose the books to support reading across the curriculum.

Indicative selection:

Bailey Jacqui The Rock Factory
Brighton Catherine The Fossil Girl
Eyewitness Rock and Mineral
Gallagher Belinda Rocks and Fossils
Hooper Meredith The Pebble in my Pocket
Morgan Ben Rock and Fossil Hunter
Petty Kate Earthly Treasures
Powell Jillian Earth Cycles: Rocks
Reid Struan Rocks and Fossils
Riley Peter Rocks and Soils
Tomecek Steve Everything Rocks and Minerals
Wolley Alan Usborne Spotter's Guide to Rocks and Minerals