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Story of the Blue Planet, The by Andri Magnason (half class set, 15 copies)

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About the Book: The blue planet is wild, beautiful, dangerous and exciting. It is a place where children spend their days playing, climbing, laughing, telling stories and exploring. However, it is a place so full of danger and excitement, that no adult dares to set foot on the planet. That is until one day, Mr Goodday lands on the planet. He promises the children even more fun, even more excitement and assures them he can make all their dreams come true. It won’t even cost the children that much…Just a small percentage of their youth…

Reasons for Selection: The Story of the Blue Planet is full of beautiful illustrations and is an eccentric, funny, charming and dark read that manages to be thought-provoking on many levels. This lyrical environmental fable deals with themes of greed, friendship, sacrifice and trust. The story could be read with older children and is a good choice if you have a mixed age class as there is potential for looking at political systems as well as the strong ecological message.

About Take One Book: The books in the Take One Book collection can be used in conjunction with the Take One Book website, or independently. Take One Book is Just Imagine’s programme for teaching reading and English using high quality literature. You can find further information and free exemplar units on the Take One Book website takeonebook.org 

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