Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen (group set, 7 books)

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When they first arrived, they came quietly and stealthily as if they tip-toed into the world when we were all looking the other way. Ade loves living at the top of a tower block. From his window, he feels like he can see the whole world stretching out beneath him.

His mum doesn't really like looking outside - but it's going outside that she hates. She's happier sleeping all day inside their tower, where it's safe. But one day, other tower blocks on the estate start falling down around them and strange, menacing plants begin to appear.

Now their tower isn't safe anymore. Ade and his mum are trapped and there's no way out.

  • free discussion notes on this website
  • thrilling science fiction
  • suspense and sense of real jeopardy
  • ultimately warm and reassuring
  • Themes: coping with adversity, resilience and resourcefulness, caring for others, friendship, science
  • longer read requires sustained reading between sessions. Could also be read as a whole class novel with selected passages chosen for guided reading.
  • 208 pages


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Boy in the Tower discussion guide

Synopsis: Boy in the Tower is a first person narrated story in three parts. It is a dystopian, science fiction story in which mysterious new plants, named the Bluchers, are taking over south-east London, feeding on the glass and cement of the large tower blocks. The tower blocks start to collapse and people are starting to die, so the inhabitants evacuate to safety. However, Ade can’t leave the 17th floor of his high rise block of flats. His Mum suffers from agoraphobia and he must stay to take care of her. Every day he notices the Bluchers advance. Is there any chance of rescue? All seems hopeless until he meets Dory, Obi and the cat, Pigeon. 

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