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Last Wolf, The by Mini Grey (class set, 30 books)

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About the book: This picturebook is a re-imagining of the classic age-old fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, with a contemporary twist. Through the playful storytelling, quirky humour and rich illustrations characteristic of Mini Grey’s picturebooks, The Last Wolf whisks the reader away with Little Red on her journey into the woods to catch a wolf – and on her journey of discovery about the loss of the natural world around her. As the tables are cleverly turned and the wolf is revealed to really be the one in danger, The Last Wolf communicates a sensitive and subtle yet powerful message about what we’ve lost and, ultimately, what we could bring back.

Reasons for selection: Mini Grey’s picturebooks are a delight for readers, younger and older alike, and full of verbal and visual wit and intertextual references. The Last Wolf cleverly reinvents a fairy tale that many children will already be familiar with – and many children will begin the journey into the woods cautiously with existing expectations of the wolf’s character! As Little Red’s perspective changes along her journey from wanting to hunt to wanting to help the wolf, the children’s expectations will be challenged as they come to know this character in a new light – a light that has a real relevance to the natural world beyond the world of the story and that will encourage them to reflect on what has become and what might become, if they follow in Little Red’s footsteps and act.

About Take One Book: The books in the Take One Book collection can be used in conjunction with the Take One Book website, or independently. Take One Book is Just Imagine’s programme for teaching reading and English using high quality literature. You can find further information and free exemplar units on the Take One Book website takeonebook.org 

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