Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth, The by Eoin Colfer (group set, 7 books)

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Will's brother Marty is always playing practical jokes. But when he tells the bloodcurdling story of the cutthroat pirate Captain Crow, Will is terrified. Is it another one of Marty's tricks, or could Captain Crow's ghost really be out to get him?

  • also available in group sets, The Legend of Spud Murphy, The Worst Boy in the World, contact us to order these books
  • deliciously spooky
  • humour
  • family story
  • black and white line illustrations
  • 112 pages

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The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth discussion guide

Synopsis and reasons for selection

Will’s brother Marty is always playing practical jokes. Staying in a cramped holiday caravan in Duncade, the boys spend their days building rafts, swimming and playing practical jokes on each other. One night, Marty tells Will the spooky story of the wicked pirate Captain Crow and his quest for revenge on the brave cabin boy who ended his reign of terror. Will is petrified. According to legend, if Captain Crow’s ghost can’t exact his vengeance on the nine year old cabin boy, then any nine year old boy will do. Is this just another silly supernatural story or is Captain Crow’s ghost out to get Will?

This spooky, mysterious, funny story is 90 pages long and has five chapters, which makes it perfect for the newly fluent reader, who may be feeling confident enough to tackle longer and more challenging books. The original, action packed adventure story will also keep reluctant readers entranced and feverishly turning the pages. The author has an excellent understanding of what family life is like with four brothers who ‘in ten seconds can do more damage than a hurricane’ and captures the playfulness of childhood with humour and wit. Tony Ross’s brilliant black and white line drawings add warmth and depth to the well-spaced text and the story ends on a touching note after an exciting climax.

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