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The Reading Journey: Around the World (24 books)

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 The Reading Journey is Just Imagine's programme for supporting independent reading, to develop wider reading and make more productive use of book corners. 

The Reading Journey is designed specifically to keep class book corners and reading areas stocked with the very best books to ensure children encounter quality literature written by the best writers with art work from the best illustrators.

The books in The Reading Journey are selected by a panel of literacy experts and class teachers convened by Just Imagine Director, Nikki Gamble, author of Exploring Children's Literature and co-author of Guiding Readers: layers of meaning.

A dedicated website and accompanying resources for these packs of books are available for free download, including display and discussion ideas at www.thereadingjourney.co.uk.

Around the World is one of our themed sets and includes 3 copies of 8 titles (24 books in total). These are intended to:

  • supplement the main class book collection (see our essential book packs if you are starting from scratch or need a radical update)
  • to be used to keep the reading collection fresh and exciting. To prevent class book collections from becoming static and stale.
  • offer themes which include a range of genres and have been carefully selected to involve children of different levels of reading attainment
  • be used for either a half term or term. They can either be swapped with themed packs from other classes, be added to the main library collection, or packed away and used again the following year
  • allow teachers to quickly become familiar with the select number of titles in the set, which helps them be more involved in children's independent reading
  • offer a guided choice which helps to lead children to more thoughtful and challenging reading experiences, but is sufficiently open to allow them to select other material from the book corner
  • provide multiple copies of one title to encourage peer to peer interaction around a book; children can then meet in informal groups to discuss their reading 
  • give teachers free discussion ideas to make connections between the different titles

Books from the main class collection, or the school library can be used alongside the theme set.

We have free downloadable resources with ideas for introducing the books, talking and comparing texts, display ideas.

Indicative titles:

Millwood Hargrave Kiran The Island at the End of Everything
Baker Jeannie Circle
Agard John Under the Moon and Over the Sea
Wenxuan Cao Bronze and Sunflower
Kespert Deborah Explore The Most Dangerous Journeys of all Time
Campbell-Johnston Rachel The Child's Elephant
Laird Elizabeth Welcome to Nowhere
Gavin Jamila Wheel of Surya

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