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Understanding Reading Comprehension

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Can baboons read? That is the thought-provoking question that opens this wonderfully accessible book for trainee and practising primary school teachers to fully understand the process of reading comprehension. Comprehension is an essential component of learning to read and a successful teacher of reading will have a portfolio of different strategies and approaches that take in to account that children learn to read in different ways. This book supports the development of student and practising teachers' subject knowledge by providing detailed guidance in to the reading comprehension process, along with practical strategies and lesson ideas for use in the classroom.

Drawing from educational and psychological research, coverage includes:School-based activities in every chapterAn in-depth focus on the inference making processThe role of vocabulary and syntax in comprehensionCognitive and meta-cognitive processes including the use of memoryAdvice on developing effective classroom talk with different groups of childrenUsing different text genres and selecting textsWhy not preview the first chapter? Read Chapter 1: Locating Reading It's a great starting point for discussion and debate on 'what is reading'.